Jackloc Window Restrictor with Lock and Key


Jackloc Window Restrictor HA00424

The Jackloc Window Restrictor is the most secure window restrictor on the market which not only protects windows from thieves and intruders but also reduces window opening to 10-15cm to protect children from climbing out and falling.

It is an ideal solution to help safeguard homes, schools, care homes, hospitals and hotels and also allows for ventiliation in a safe and secure way.


Model HA00424
Box Quantity 1
Brand Jackloc
Finish White
Stock In stock


Product Details

The Jackloc is a reliable window fixture which allows only partial window opening to allow for ventilation, whilst remaining locked with a removable key.

View the Jackloc installation video here.


  • Lockable with a removable key
  • Suitable for all window and door types
  • 20cm length allows for 10-15 cm opening
  • Increased safety and security
  • Suitable for UPVC
  • Hardened steel clutch screws