Mini Window Chime & Alarm


The Mini Window and Chime Alarm is popular and low cost home security device which uses magnetic field technology to identify when a door or window has been opened.

Ideal for use on windows, doors, cupboards and sheds to help stop sneak in burglary to your home or business.

Comes with low battery indicator.

Model EL00024
Box Quantity 1
Brand Solon Security
Finish White
Fixing Adhesive Pad
Battery 4 x LR44 cell (included)
Stock In stock


Product Details 

The alarm comes in two parts which are connected via a magnetic field, one part is attached to the frame and the other is attached to the window or door. Once the window or door opens, the magnetic field is broken and the alarm or chime will be activated.

Fantastic, low cost additional security for any home or business. Set to chime to welcome visitors and alert you to their presence, or set to alarm to deter and scare off intruders.

This style of alarm is widely used by police and local authorities as a simple but effective way to deter sneak-in burglaries.


  • Simple and effective magnetic technology
  • Versatile - can be used on any door or window
  • Fast installation with an adhesive pad
  • Low battery indicator
  • Easy to use - chime or alarm function