Window Alert Alarm


Window Alert Alarm EL00001Window Alert Alarm EL00001

The Defender Window Alert Alarm is a simple but effective alarm which uses shock sense technology to keep glass window and door panels secure.

The alarm is simply attached to the window by an adhesive pad. As soon as someone attempts to hit the window the alarm will be activated and a powerful 110dBs siren released.

Once installed a visually effective warning sticker is displayed from the outside to deter intruders, warning them that a security system is in place. 

Model EL00001
Box Quantity 1
Brand Solon Security
Finish White
Fixing Adhesive Pad
Battery 2 x AAA (Included)
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Product Details 

Once activated the siren will sound for 1 minute. If further shocks are sensed the alarm will be activated again for a further minute and so on. The adhesive pad doubles up as a warning sticker to deter opportunist thieves and help keep your home secure from potential intruders.


  • 110dBs Siren
  • Suitable for all types or glass window or door panels
  • 2 x AAA batteries (supplied)
  • Self adhesive warning sticker provides maximum visual deterrent
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 1 year warranty

Note: 1 alarm is advised per glass pane. If your window or door has lots of small panes with thin frames between the panes then 1 or 2 alarms will suffice for the whole window or door.

The alarm reacts to vibrations so if the frame is too sturdy and the vibrations don't transfer then you will need 1 alarm per pane.